The Galerie d'art inuit Brousseau et Brousseau celebrates its 40th anniversary!

For the past 40 years, the Galerie d'art Brousseau et Brousseau has had one main mission, which is to introduce, both in Québec and all over the world, this unique art that is Inuit art.


Located in the heart of Old Québec, come and admire a wide selection of fascinating pieces of art created by Inuit artists from all over Canada. Animals sculpted in stone or contemporary pieces inspired by shamanism and Inuit folk stories, the gallery presents a wide array of unique creations so you can get acquainted with the culture of these people from the North.


A lover of Inuit art, Raymond Brousseau bought his first sculpture at age 18. His collection kept expanding until he opened his first gallery in 1974. In addition to his gallery, he opened his own private museum in Old Québec, the Musée d’art inuit Brousseau, in 1999. This museum enabled thousands of people to become familiar with Inuit art and to organize major exhibitions throughout Europe.  When the museum closed in 2005, Raymond Brousseau donated and transferred his personal collection, which totalled 2,635 pieces, to the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec. In 2015, this collection will shine brightly in the brand new Pierre Lassonde wing of the Musée national des beaux-arts. 


Until then, enjoy a journey into the Inuit tradition by visiting the Galerie d’art inuit Brousseau et Brousseau on Saint-Louis Street!       



Galerie d’art inuit Brousseau et Brousseau

35, rue Saint Louis, Vieux-Québec

418 694-1828